Newborn Photography
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Newborn Photography

September 2, 2016

I want to first congratulate you on your interest in choosing newborn photography to document your most important milestone- the birth of your child!  Your memories are priceless, and investing in portraiture allows you to preserve and enjoy them for generations. My photography studio in Manchester NH is set up to provide the perfect environment to ensure that you and your little one will be comfortable and relaxed during your session. My two prop rooms are fully stocked with everything you will need to create the newborn photography sets of your dreams! Our huge variety of backdrop choices allows you add some extra personality and uniqueness to your images. There is truly something to fit any style! You can brows some of our backdrops choices here.

Newborn photography is a delicate specialty that requires patience, gentleness, and warmth. My background as an Emergency Room Nurse has provided me with a unique understanding of how to properly and safely handle newborns. Not only am I certified in Infant CPR, I am also trained in Pediatric Advanced Life Support. You can rest assured that your most precious gift will be safe in my hands!

Newborn Photography sessions are typically 2-3 hours long to allow for set changes, outfit changes, and lots of breaks for feeding. Poses with parents and siblings are always welcomed and encouraged. If you choose to include siblings in the session we will begin with their poses first. Spending several hours at the studio can be a lot for young children, so once they are done with their images it is always nice if their is someone on hand that can take them to do something fun while we finish the session.

During Newborn Photography Sessions the studio will be kept very warm to keep your little one comfortable and cozy. Parents may want to dress in layers in order to stay comfortable in the heat.

I believe that your family and your children are meant to be cherished. For many, like myself, the title of “Parent” did not come easy. It is a hard earned and life changing accomplishment that is worthy of being honored and documented. My goal is to capture timeless images of your newborn that will be proudly displayed on the walls of your home. My promise to you is that I will treat your family and your children as if they were my own. I will go above and beyond to capture their unique personalities and individual characteristics. As an accomplished and award winning photographer, I will use my skills to provide you with a personalized service that is custom tailored to fit the individual needs of your family.