Photography Backdrop Catalog
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Photography Backdrop Catalog

January 3, 2017

At Mary E. Hebert Photography you will receive a unique photography experience. I go above and beyond to custom tailor each session to fit the specific needs of my clients. My studio in Manchester NH offers a large variety of props, outfits, and backdrops that are available for use in any session. I work closely with some of the best prop and backdrop vendors in the industry and I am always updating and adding to my inventory to allow my clients as much variety as possible. I am confident that together we can choose a collection of products that will fit seamlessly with your personal style! This Photography Backdrop Catalog was designed to give you some inspiration for the types of sets you would like to create for your session.

I have carefully hand picked every prop and backdrop that my studio has to offer. I pride myself on having the ability to build one of a kind scenes for my sessions that reflect the style and personality of my clients. The endless variety of accessories that my clients are able to choose from sets us apart from the average photography studio. The care, attention to detail, and creativity that I put into each session gives my customers the opportunity to have beautiful, artistically created portraits that they can proudly display in their homes. Our children and our loved ones are the greatest gift we will ever receive; They deserve to be documented and elegantly displayed!

Children are often timid and shy when they first come to the studio and they may take awhile to warm up. Showing them the fun backdrops and props I have to offer makes it much easier for a child to open up and have fun during their session.It is hard not to get a genuine smile from a child when they get to dress up like their favorite super hero, a race car driver, a fairy princess, or an airplane pilot! Click here for more information on our Childhood Portrait Photography Sessions.

Due to the large number of backdrop choices that we offer, hopefully this Photography Backdrop Catalog will make viewing and choosing the backdrops for your session easy and convenient!